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TRKRNR (Track Runner) Music, based in Richmond, California, was formed in 2015 by musicians Gyrefunk and Saul Vallens.
Gyrefunk's organic and soulful world sound developed from years of playing everything from guitars to bamboo flutes for an eclectic range of artists and bands.  His frustrations with having to carry too many instruments to gigs led Gyrefunk in 2014 to partner with Mitch Manchild of Lookwright Manufacturing to create a musical contraption that would fuse all his instruments into one.  Thus was born the "Vincestrument", a double-sided guitar and bass fashioned with dual synthesizers, MIDI triggers, and "fricken laser beams", all erected on a swiveling base.  The one-of-a-kind Vincestrument is Gyrefunk's emblem and has become an iconic part of TRKRNR's musical performances.


Saul Vallens grew up immersed in the hip hop culture, listening to underground tapes, freestyle rapping, and breakdancing.  These elements continue to be important influences on Vallens' musical style which is characterized by deep synthesized electronic sounds, ranging from uptempo house beats to super wavy chill vibes. 
By teaming up as TRKRNR, Gyrefunk and Saul Vallens have become a production team with a versatile sound and a multifaceted vision.  The vision of TRKRNR Music is:
1. To produce original tracks
2. To create music for dancers
3. To collaborate with other producers, musicians, songwriters, vocalists, DJs, and artists
4. And to perform for and entertain the masses
Be sure to follow TRKRNR on social media to stay up-to-date with all the latest news, track releases, performance dates, and more!
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